Frequently Asked Questions

Q:"Do the prices listed in your catalog include cost of shipping?" 

No, the catalog lists only the price of our products. Shipping is an additional fee, and is determined by UPS. We charge our customers only the discounted rate that we pay to ship the package – we do not make any money off of shipping fees.

Q: "How much is the cost of shipping?"

UPS rates are based on the size of your order, and where it is being shipped. If you place your order online, you will be able to view the shipping cost before you finish Checkout. If you place your order over the phone, we will be happy to give you an approximate quote for shipping. All packages will ship out the night before your selected delivery date - this is why you pay for overnight shipping.

Q: "When will my package arrive?"

During your checkout process, you will be able to select the day on which you would like the order to be delivered. When you choose a date during the order process, your package will arrive to its destination on that date selected.  All of our shipments are sent out via UPS Overnight delivery, because our crab cakes are fresh, not frozen.

Q: "What if my package arrives late or damaged?"


Please take a photo of your package immediately and send it to We are not responsible for any problems resulting from shipping issues (late or damaged)  however, we will help with the claim process through UPS.

Q: "How do I heat the soups"

Our soups can be heated in a saucepan over medium heat on the stove until hot. The soup pouches that they are shipped in are NOT microwave safe.

Q: "What exactly is in the plastic container that I receive?"

Each crab cake that we send is individually packaged in a plastic half-pint container. Inside that container is the raw crab cake mix. It may not look like a crab cake right now, but it sure will once you take it out, form it into the crab cake shape, and cook it until it’s golden brown!

Q: "Is there a difference between the crab cakes and buckets of crab mixture?"

Nope! We use the exact same crab meat mixture for all of our crab cakes, crab balls, and buckets of crab meat. The only difference is the size at which you receive it.

Q: "Can I reuse the thermo-cooler box and frozen gel packs that were used to ship my order?"

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! Our boxes and gel packs create an environment inside the box that is a lot like a small refrigerator, which makes it great for traveling with food and other perishables.

Q: "How do I cook the crabcakes?" 

Click here for instructions

to go bucket

togo box